[NOVA Math] Statistics and Risk Management Seminar


The Center of Mathematics and Applications (NOVA Math), promote the Seminar of Statistics and Risk Management with the title: “Advancing Glioma Research through Multi-Omics Network Discovery and Patient Stratification: Insights from the MONET Project”.  Roberta Coletti (NOVA Math) is the speaker.


Abstract: Gliomas are primary malignant brain cancers characterized by high heterogeneity. The different glioma types present distinct molecular characteristics, which affect patient prognosis and treatment responses. The work being discussed in this talk is part of the MONET project, which aims to explore the molecular diversity of gliomas through multi-omics data analysis, in order to identify possible biomarkers explaining cancer heterogeneity. In particular, the presented study was focused on network discovery and exploration, which was later used to perform additional research tasks, such as variable selection, patients’ classification, and survival analysis. The obtained results will be presented and discussed in terms of their potential biological and clinical application.
Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 14h00.