[NOVA Math] Operations Research Seminar


The Center of Mathematics and Applications (NOVA Math), promote the Seminar of Operations Research with the title: “Distance Geometry and Molecular Optimization”.  Carlile Lavor (State University of Campinas, Brazil) is the speaker.


Abstract: The main problem of Distance Geometry can be defined as an inverse problem: given some distances between pairs of objects, determine their positions in some geometric space. Among countless applications, including astronomy, statistics, nanotechnology, robotics and telecommunications, the calculation of the 3D structure of protein molecules (the "molecules of life") stands out, known in the literature as the Molecular Distance Geometry Problem (MDGP). Due to its chemical and geometric properties, the MDGP can be "solved" by a Branch & Prune (BP) method. In the lecture, we will talk a little about BP and some more recent results on the topic.


Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 14h00.