1) The eligibility criteria for the Master in Mathematics and Applications are


a) To have a bachelor degree or a formal equivalent in the areas of Exact Science, Engineering, Finance, Management or Economics with background in Mathematics.


b) To have a foreign bachelor degree, in the areas mentioned above, according to the principles of the Bologna Process and from a state where this Process was adopted.


c) To have a foreign university level degree, in the areas mentioned above, with the level of a Bachelor degree recognized by the Scientific Council of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia.


d) To have an academic, scientific or professional profile, recognized by the Scientific Council of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia as appropriate for the Master programme.



2) The candidates should mention the specialization area of the Master they are applying to. Alternative specialization areas may be mentioned by order of preference.


3) Candidates fulfilling the academic and curricular requirements, given in the previous items, will be selected and ranked based on the following criteria


a. Bachelor grade

b. Academic and scientific curriculum

c. Professional curriculum

d. Possible interview


4) The selection according to item 3 cannot be subject of appeal, except if a formal defect is invoked.


5) The numerus clausus and the deadlines for the applications to the Master study programme will be yearly fixed by the Rector of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.