Pós-Graduação em Criptografia e Informação


Post-Graduation in Cryptography and Information NEW


Cryptography and, more general, the theory of information are the basis of a modern information society. The post-graduation in Cryptography and Information provides the mathematical base for an understanding of key technologies in information processing as used by banks, telecommunication companies, security firms, etc.

This post-graduation addresses employees of companies concerned with information processing as well as students, from different areas, which like to acquire additional skills in this area.

The post-graduation is complementary to Master programmes offered by the Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science at FCT-UNL, in particular the Master in Mathematics and Applications, the European Master in Computational Logic, and the Master in Computer Science. Based on case by case requests, a continuation in one of these Master programmes will be considered by the respective scientific committees.

Study programme

The study programme consists of 4 lectures corresponding to 21 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System):

  • First term (Winter semester).
    • Computability and Complexity
    • Theory of Information
  • Second term (Summer semester).
    • Cryptography
    • Theory of Error Correcting Codes

Admission rules

The post-graduation is open to everybody with a first degree (Licenciatura) in an area which includes a minimal preparation in Mathematics at university level. For more information, please contact the coordinator by email: pgci.coordenador@fct.unl.pt

The study fees are 630€ (total).


The post-graduation in Cryptography and Information is coordinated by Reinhard Kahle. For further information, please send an email to pgci.coordenador@fct.unl.pt.