Licenciatura em Matemática


Bachelor Degree in Mathematics NEW

The BSc degree in Mathematics from the College of Science and Technology, Nova University of Lisbon is a three years long first cycle course.

The main goal of the course is to provide a strong basic training in mathematics, balanced in its various aspects, covering the essential areas of knowledge, to be developed in later cycles (second and third cycles) of advanced studies. These foundations will give the student, besides an immediate integration into the labor market, the necessary basis for further studies either in Educational Mathematics or in Mathematics and its Applications.

As an example of mathematical areas, to develop in later cycles, according to the Mathematics Department faculty specific skills, we mention: Actuarial Mathematics; Algebra and Logic, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations, Operations Research, Probability and Statistics.

Statistics has applications, among others, to market research, to design and interpretation of experiments and to Financial Mathematics. The aim of Operational Research is to create models that allow the study of complex systems and their optimization in view of scarce resources. The aim of Actuarial Sciences is to study the risk (life, risk of accident, risk in the stock market). Differential Equations and its Numerical treatment are the foundation of modern Physics and Engineering and are still present in many biological processes and economics. Algebra and Logic, as core areas of mathematics, are also largely responsible for the development of Informatics and recent computational techniques.

Mathematics Education aims the training of teachers for Basic and Secondary Education.