Mestrado em Matemática e Aplicações


Master in Mathematics and Applications NEW

The objective of the MSc in Mathematics and Applications is to provide a rigorous scientific training to produce experts capable of approaching high level interdisciplinary research in Applied Mathematics, applying the most recent techniques to solve concrete problems coming from scientific laboratories or industrial companies. The program offers three specialization areas (Profiles): Actuarial Sciences, Statistics and Operation Research; Pure Mathematics; and Financial Mathematics.

The Profile in Actuarial Sciences, Statistics and Operation Research is suitable for those wishing to consolidate these three complementary areas to develop a broad spectrum expertise appropriate to address wide range problems from industry, banks, and insurance companies among others.

The profile in Pure Mathematics is suitable for those wishing to pursue research in pure mathematics (e.g., algebra, analysis, general topology, differential equations, mathematical logic). Pursuing research (to a PhD degree) or enter industry with a deep mathematical training are the main paths after concluding studies in this Profile.


The Profile in Financial Mathematics is suitable for those wishing to develop a strong mathematical background directed to the solution of real finance problems.